I’m Wes Jones

I’m a creative-thinking designer/art director. My skillset includes: visual identity, digital art direction as well as UI/UX and interactive design. I believe in creating beautiful, intuitive design that produces absorbing user experience.

I’m originally from Milwaukee, the land of beer and cheese, as well as Harley Davidson and Happy Days. So you could say I’m fairly grounded with a bit of a rebellious spirit. Today, I live and work in Brooklyn in my studio:

Glass Eye Design

Glass Eye Design was born from my grandfathers story and the drive to create and help others.

His Story

A child was born in Germany and like so many children he grew up loving to draw and color with his crayons. He found out early that he was red green color blind but that wasn’t going to stop him. As he got older the boy began to experiment with different media. Art, oil painting and playing the piano became his passions. One day at the age of twelve the boy was coming home from a piano rehearsal and was hit by a trolley car. The boy survived, but lost his eye. Not one moment did the young man stop to think about how this would affect his work; he just went on to create his art. As he grew up he became a doctor but never stopped his playing. Years went on and his medium and style changed but his love never did. Glass Eye Design is – a passion for great design that never fades.


Building end-to-end experiences, drawing from a deep well of brand-building tools:

Digital Innovation

Web Design
UX/UI Design
Interactive Design

Brand Communication

Creative Strategy
Brand Design / Visual Language
Guidelines & Toolkits


Brand Collateral
Print Ad Campaigns
Editorial Design
Event / Signage Design

Selected Clients

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